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Mistakes that will kill your website

avoid mistakes that will kill your websiteThere are many mistakes that will kill your website, many times these relate to taking shortcuts. We’ve written about good digital marketing techniques and the importance websites, blogs, and social media profiles. One thing we haven’t really covered is patience. You can develop a great digital marketing strategy but without a large budget to purchase paid advertising with it will take time to grow your audience. Read More →

Forget about Facebook likes

As the title suggests, you should forget about Facebook likes. There are many people starting out with digital marketing obsessed with things like how many likes their page has. It’s understandable as this has played a big role in the past. Unfortunately Facebook has changed it’s algorithm. It changed and so must we, we need to adjust our marketing efforts and techniques to match the tools we use. Among it’s changes Facebook now ranks reactions higher than page likes. Concentrate your efforts instead in creating content that elicits reactions. A reaction whether a like, smiley face or angry face means people are engaging and that’s the purpose of social media after all.  Read More →

WhatsApp , Telegram Accounts vulnerable to Hackers



WhatsApp, a popular messaging platform which as of this writing claims to have over 1 billion downloads and Telegram another popular messaging app with over 2 million users may have a vulnerability that allows hackers to take over hundreds of millions of accounts as was disclosed by Check Point. I should mention that this has yet to be proven.

To guarantee user privacy, WhatsApp and Telegram use end-to-end encryption.  The encryption is designed to ensure that only the people communicating can read the messages and no one else.  Check Point discovered the vulnerability in the messaging services, online platforms of WhatsApp and Telegram.  The vulnerability can allow hackers to take over users’ accounts on any browser.  As well as access to personal and group messages, photos, videos, contact lists, and shared files.  Basically, the hacker has full control of users accounts.  Therefore attackers could potentially download any and all of your personal photos, videos, and conversations to even use them against you.

The vulnerability was reported to WhatsApp’s and Telegram’s security team.  Both companies have acknowledged the security issue and developed a fix for web clients worldwide.